Anova IT Consulting has an R&D engineering unit that offers services oriented to Technical, Investigation, Engineering, Development and Industrialization departments. It covers from the conceptual design phase of new products and services to placement into service, implementation and industrialization of the solution. We actively collaborate with the research and development units of the most important European universities, with a focus on the S-T-E transfer (Science, Technology, Enterprise).

Anova’s R&D laboratory is a national and international benchmark for innovation. We focus on the realization of projects that combine the most advanced technological development with the economical exploitation of the R&D&i results, with an updated knowledge of the national and EC politics and a deep awareness of the human and social aspects. Anova’s engineers take part in new products and services conception at an electronic and software level; they participate in all the optimization process until the last phases of the project’s execution, during implantation or mass production.

Anova IT Consulting R&D&i laboratory’s activities are focused on: