The ADDPRIV project proposes novel knowledge and developments to limit the storage of unnecessary data throughout existing multicamera networks in order for them to better comply with citizen's privacy rights. It addresses the challenge of determining in a precise and reliable manner private data captured by video surveillance systems that are not relevant from a security perspective.

ADDPRIV proposes solutions for automatic discrimination of relevant data recorded on a multicamera network, related to an individual whose suspicious behaviour triggered an alert. Relevant data not only corresponds to video scenes capturing individuals' suspicious behaviour (smart video surveillance), but also automatically extracting images on these individuals recorded before and after the suspicious event and across the surveillance network.





Call: FP7-SEC-2010-1, Objective SEC-2010.6.5-2 “Use of smart surveillance systems, data protection, integrity and sharing information within privacy rules”

Budget: 4.077.720 €

Duration: 36 months

Project Status: Under execution